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Hello, My name is Angel Christian, CEO of JossyMall. I am quiet delighted to have you on this platform. We can be simply thought of as a growth partner and brands promoter. We provide all of our services for free and only accepts payment if you wish to make promotions go faster and easier for you. We have a slogan 'success should be free don't you think'
I am shadow Khan. I was a CEO at DigProm before I moved back to my country where I now study finance. What we did at DigProm was to promote musicians and their music. With JossyMall we did about 18million downloads for our clients of less that twenty artists in just three months. JossyMall is such a cheap way to broadcast oneself to the world!
Mohammed Trabelsi. CEO at blackhat game studios Beni Khaled, Tunisia. We've promoted quiet alot of games on JossyMall and it has been easier and cheaper than anyone could ever imagined. Lots of people are actually using JossyMall to find the brands and products they need so naturally, people were already looking for our adverts!

The Marketers Cooperative is legally registered and is listed in the database of international cooperatives maintained by

We are an internet based marketing cooperative comprised of an array of internet marketers, business owners, and developers whose mission is to increase the success rate of startup businesses on the internet while also providing solutions for continued growth of mid-sized internet based businesses.

In our quest to complete this mission we have introduced a 100% free to download web based script called Open Source Marketing Platform (OSMP). This script has been released under the Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL-1.0). You are free to download and do anything you like with this script.

Joining this website nor downloading this software makes you a member of the Marketers Cooperative nor does it entitle you to any voting rights.

OSMP stands for open source marketing platform. OSMP is currently the main project of the cooperative. It is a marketing platform that has been designed to fit the need of any and every do-it-yourself marketer.

OSMP is 100% customizable.

It can be used as a social network by network marketers to build teams, share resources, have private social walls, and communicate via messenger or email. It allows users to upload videos and images directly to their social wall.

OSMP can also be used by owners and administrators of traffic exchanges, banner exchanges, social post exchanges, article exchanges, and viral mailers.

Open Source Marketing Platform could be used by ebook authors and software creators to distribute, share, or sell their work. With a few minimal tweaks one could use it to sell physical products.

There are no limits to what this software can be used to accomplish except limits of the imagination.

OSMP has been released as a 100% free to download script. The software is released under the terms of CDDL. You will find a copy of the CDDL inside the software that explain the rights and terms of use.

OSMP is a crypto rewards platform that is designed to grant crypto currencies to members for performing various tasks. The script is preset to distribute MCC to the members of those who install and use this script however it can easily be changed to work with any crypto currency or currency at all.

MCC stands for Marketers Cooperative Currency. MCC is a limited time offer digital crypto reward. The intent of MCC is to allow early adopters of the OSMP a crypto reward that they can distribute to their members that both holds a value and has the potential to increase in value over time.

Marketers Cooperative Currency also acts as a crypto investment for those inolved with the marketers cooperative. 80% of every sale made by the marketers cooperative is put into a fund that backs MCC. The more sales the marketers cooperative makes the more the value of MCC goes up.

MCC will only be offered directly for sale to the public at large for the first 6 months. After that time, the default cryptocoin distributed with OSMP will be changed and MCC will only be offered to members of the marketers cooperative, or as the occational special offer.

The date we will begin buying back MCC from the public has not yet been determined. We believe that it will be shortly after the innitial 6 month launch of the coin but that is not absolute. Understand our goal is not to have people holding MCC, but rather to be distributing through OSMP.

If you wish to invest in the marketers cooperative and MCC you should start by reading and understanding our bylaws, and you will find membership details inside this website.